Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Taylor's Big Adventure.....

So Taylor's arrival was a bit of a suprise. Monday morning around 8:30, I was getting ready for the day and tripped in the bathroom.(catching myself in the tub)At first I wasn't in alot of pain and felt her moving, so I wasn't worried. But after a few minutes I began feeling uneasy that something was not right. John took me into the doctors office where we spent two hours in tests and such. Still unsure, the doctor sent us to the hospital for observation. By this time I was beginning to be in a tremendous amount of pain and started having contractions. Within a half hour Taylor was born via emergency c-section. Come to find out the fall had damaged my placenta and the cord was wrapped around her neck. If we had pushed to keep her in any longer she wouldn't have made it. As for Taylor she was suprisingly big 6 pounds 5ozs and had no problems breathing.We were prepared for some time in the NICU but she never needed it. Our family is so excited to have her here. Our little miracle!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Our Big Day!

So yesterday was hard .... John's bishopric was released. Don't get me wrong, i'm thrilled to have him come to church with me and Reagan .... this will be the first ever since we started dating. I will just miss the associations with the members of the ward. Most importantly I will miss the bishop and his wife as well as Brother and Sister Stone. They have become family to us. They have taught us so much. They have been there for every important event that has happened in our little family. We even in all of ways our in debt to the guidance when we were dating. I can't picture our lives here with out them ... I'm so thankful they are only in Idaho Falls and that we will have opportunities to see them. We Love you guys!!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Missionary Mark

My Brother Mark got his Mission call....It came yesterday while he was camping, it was a long wait till he came home to have him open it. He is going to be serving in the Philippines,Naga Mission. He will be speaking Tagalog. He will report to the MTC on June 23. Way to go Mark!!! We Love You!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Reagan's in Nursery!!!

Well,she is only 17 months but she stayed in nursery the whole time by herself yesterday. I am so proud of her. I had been a sub in the for about a month and since John isn't there to take her with him, she came with me. She got so used to the whole thing that she would run in there as fast as she could. It became very frustrating to then take her out and to meetings with me.(The hall mostly) So the Primary president said she could go early. I had been going with her for a few weeks so yesterday came as a bit of a surprise. I can't believe how good she is or fast she is growing. She also just a week ago moved into a big girl bed. She is enjoying it. Grandma J is making her a quilt to make her bed special. I am so grateful she was willing to do it. I am making some changes to Rea's room as in a few weeks it will be shared with Taylor and turned into the girl's room.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Back Tracking

John and I were able to take Reagan to OKLAHOMA for christmas last year. My whole family was there together. It was so wonderful to see all of my friends and family. We don't get to see my parents much, it was so fun to see her with them. My excitment was to show Reagan my parents farm .... well almosta farm. She loved the cows and was very attched to their dog.

New Beginnings

So we will see if I am really any good at this but here goes. If you have seen our other blog you know the John was the only one posting and never very often. Well I never could remember what he had set up to go on. I never really cared but I thought this might be something I could really enjoy. So I am giving it a try.